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TweetDeck for iPhone

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TweetDeck for the iPhone is aiming for a very unique Twitter experience on the iPhone.  Goal is to bring the desktop experience to the iPhone without compromising experience.  If you are familiar with the desktop program then you’ll know that it uses columns to organize data and that’s it’s rather quick.

On the desktop version you’re given three columns by default:  friends, mentions, and direct messages.  The layout is minimalistic in the aspect that it only has buttons that you need.  To respond to someone you hover over their profile image and you’re given four options: reply, direct message, retweet, and other options.

Desktop Version of Tweet Deck

Desktop Version of Tweet Deck

As mentioned earlier the design is clean, simple, and informative.  If you look you’ll see that you can add more columns; such as facebook status updates, and twitterscoop.  Whenever there’s an update to Twitter you are presented with a small pop-up in the upper right (by default) letting you know a new tweet has appeared, or someone updated their facebook.  However, there seems to be a small problem with the program. I’ve tried choosing the option to have the pop-up appear in the lower right, but it seems that the change doesn’t register with the program. Either way, this is a review for the iPhone app. not desktop, that’s for another time.

iPhone TweetDeck:

Moving on to the iphone app.


Now, where do I begin? As you can see the app. icon is a silhouette of what I think is a canary (I assume the twitter bird is a canary) with a golden background. I really like this icon, it’s an icon so there isn’t much you can mess up on. It’s simple and great looking just like the app itself (more on that to come). Right now I am torn between which icon design I like more: TweetDeck or TwitterRiffic (pictured below.)


As you can see both icons are well designed and appeal to most anyone. However, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I see little birds waving at me. That’s just me.

Design and Desktop application aside, this is supposed to be about the iPhone TweetDeck application. I hope someone is still reading this.

Do It To It:

Let me begin by saying that TweetDeck for the iPhone has almost acomplishes what no other app. has: bring the desktop experience to your iPhone.  When you start up the app. for the first time you go through the usual Twitter account verification. After verfication you come to the unique part of TweetDeck.

Sync your phone app with your Desktop

Keep it all together

You are given the option to create a TweetDeck account, or log-in with an existing one, which will allow you to sync your mobile app. with your desktop app.  Pretty cool.

Looks very similar to the Desktop App.

Looks very similar to the Desktop App.

As you can see this app has columns as well. It looks very similar to when you have the Pre in card view.  You’ll notice that the color theme has been kept the same as on the desktop app. creating a feeling of familiarity.  In general there’s really nothing bad you can say about the design. You move from column to column by swiping to which direction you want to go.  If you want to read a column you just tap on that column and it’ll come into focus.

Focused view of column

Focused view of column

You can move from column to column while focused in by taping on the arrows or by swiping in the direction you wish to go.  To return to column view you just tap the “Columns” icon or the icon in the upper left (not sure what it’s called.  Return to Thy Column View?)

Post a new Tweet:

To post a new tweet you tap on the yellow icon in the upper right resulting in the appearance of the tweet screen.  The tweet screen is as simple as it gets.  You have a text holder with a word count, user name, shorten link, take picture, or find current location.  Once you’ve typed whatever it is you want to tweet you click “send” and you’re done.  Not much to write home about.

Simple as 1,2, send.

Simple as 1,2, send.


When a new tweet is posted a small “growl” like window will pop up in the upper left (you can see it in the image under the performance section.)  You will also receive a counter update in the “update” section, which is located in the lower left.  If you tap on the update icon a small pop up will appear and tell you what kind of updates have arrived. Such as the world is ending, you need gas, or that you’re favorite store is having a sale. Joking aside. The pop up will show information on friend updates, mentions, direct messages, and whatever else you have.

Good news! World isn't ending!

Good news! World isn't ending!


In the two days that I’ve used the app. it’s crashed on me only a few times.  I noticed that the app’s stability depends on your usage. The more I used the app the less it became reliable.  On the second day I started getting a weird message when I started TweetDeck, something about No/Slow Internet, yet I had all the bars.  To me it seems the app may have been specified to expect WiFi like speed for it’s updates.  I don’t see why it should be an issue to fix, so expect an update soon.

All 3G bars are present. Still not fast enough?

All 3G bars are present. Still not fast enough?


Is TweetDeck ready to be your main twitter app? Maybe.  Is it a unique experience when using? Yes. It feels like you’re using the desktop app., only smaller. If you’re currently using TwitterFon, Twitterrific, Tweetie, or any other major twitter app., I would suggest you stick with it. Use TweetDeck for its unique experience and becuase it’s cool new thing.

Right now I don’t believe TweetDeck is ready to be the main app for any hardcore twitterers (and twitterees?).  Once they fix some of the stability issues, and that annoying slow intertubes pop up then it should make for a good main app.  For now I am sticking with Twitterrific and Twitterfon, but I’ll use TweetDeck jut for the looks :).  Either way.  TweetDeck is headed in the right direction.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes popular in the Twitter world after a few updates.  However, for now it’s not quite there.


UI Design: 5/5

User Experience: 3/5 (the crashing and annoying internet speed needs to be fixed)

Tweet Options: 3.5/5 (I’d like the ability to delete tweets, change font size to see more tweets and to view the thread conversation)

Overall: 3.5/5 (If they fix the small problms it’ll become a hit.)


Written by Samir Banjanovic

June 19, 2009 at 12:35 pm