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Windows 7 is here, well for people lucky enough to be part of a group that receives the RTM before October 22nd –people like me. It may seem like yesterday when Microsoft introduced Windows Vista (three years actually), so it makes you wonder –is 7 worth upgrading to?  The short answer is yes.

The post will simply point out the strong points of 7– nothing more, nothing less

The install is much quicker than the beta or RC.  I thought about using a flash drive but I ended up not being able to find one, so I used a DVD .  I formatted my drives, designated a primary drive and clicked install.  From there it was just click, click, done.  It took about 20-25 minutes to install windows, with another 30 minutes to install all the drivers for my hardware.

Compatibility wise Windows 7 is right where it belongs -compatible. Believe it or not, the fact that 7 is compatible with current hardware is all thanks to Vista.  If you have drivers that work in Vista they’ll most likely work in 7. Even XP drivers work, thanks to the compatibility feature –which is also present in Vista.  I was caught off guard when I wanted to install Intel x58 drivers; Vista has to install about 30 drivers, 7 on the other hand only needs two.

Microsoft tweaked the UI scheduler a lot in order to make 7 more responsive.  Vista implements a modified XP UI scheduler, which works fine –in XP, but Vista’s UI upgrades overburden it.  Windows 7 has moved away from the old scheduler to a model employing division of labor.  Instead of having one scheduler juggling all the UI I/O there are several which are prioritized in the OS.

There is not much to add that hasn’t been said. 7 definitely is on the right track, the only problem I see are the “I am a Mac” commercials –I don’t think they’ll work anymore.  Bummer.

Yes I know this is a very short post considering I am posting about Windows 7. However, chances are you’ve hit Engadget or Gizmodo before arriving here and you’ve read their reviews.


Written by Samir Banjanovic

August 19, 2009 at 9:42 pm

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