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Facebook Fail

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First there was the search issue with users being able to see who searches them the most. Then there was the problem with apps. hacking your account. What’s next Facebook?

Facebook claims it values it’s user’s security very highly. If that’s true why are there so many holes in its security?  The latest exploit involved (facebook claims it’s fixed now) being able to display another user’s information as your own.  It’s as simple as using a small Firefox plug-in to edit some data.

I realize it’s a complex system FB has created, but their security should be even more complex. It shouldn’t be easy enough for someone to hack another user’s info using a simple FireFox plug-in.


Get rid of the tracking cookies, they are annoying as hell. I am sick of finding them on my system, and I am sick of Symantec pop ups telling me I have them. It’s not for you to know what I read on the internet. Stay off my lawn stupid kids.

How you (used to be able to) access anyone’s Basic Info


Written by Samir Banjanovic

June 22, 2009 at 8:53 pm

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