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Twitpocalypse – Ze end is here

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Judgement Day is here

Judgment Day is here

We’ve all heard about how Twitter has an integer based user number, hence some speculate the world will explode when we reach 2,147,483,647 users.

My first question is, why in the world would you ever sign a user type with as an integer?  From my experience in development using integer type signing isn’t a very smart idea in general, unless you’re absolutely certain it won’t reach the specified limit.  I guess in Twitter’s case the developers didn’t consider the large number of bots that have spammed Twitter, and I don’t blame them; I wouldn’t have either.  But still, I will gladly bet that they have far more experience in coding than I do, and that they already had a pretty good idea that signing the users with an int. type is a bad idea. However, they are only as human as you and me.


My beef isn’t really with Twitter, it’s with the iPhone application Twitterrific. It’s my iPhone Twitter app of choice, and with the newest version I enjoy it a lot.  However, with this whole end world ordel it’s been down for the count.  First I thought it was broken because I am running iPhone OS 3.0.  Then a friend of mine kindly reminded me of the end of the world, duh.  After doing some research I found out that Twitterrifc wasn’t broken on my phone due to 3.0, but it was broken for it’s own reason.  I eventually stumbled upon this website and found out that everyone who uses Twitterrific is getting the same error.

As you can see the error shown in the above image is the same error as on the linked website.

Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon. Right now I am using TwitterFon as my back-up, but I like Twitterrific’s new UI and look much more. So, dev’s. Get crackin’ and bring back the dead.



Written by Samir Banjanovic

June 14, 2009 at 6:22 am

Posted in Humor, Random

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