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Addiction of a new kind

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About three months ago I was at a friend’s house, while there I was introduced to a simple, yet very addicting arcade game for the Playstation 3. I sat there in awe as my friend played this oh-so-not ordinary shooter.

As the player interacts destroys incoming objects music is created out of destruction. Well, the music isn’t all over the place; there is a main track that plays during each level, which also determines the length of each level.

As you can imagine after some time I ripped the controller from my friend’s hands and played the game. I was addicted, right then and there. The colors made me happy, and the music was new and catchy (whoever wrote the music should consider making it a profession.) After sometime I became oblivious to my surrounding, my friend, and the world; the world could have ended I wouldn’t have known, the game had completely engulfed my attention.

When I finally snapped out of my hypnotic spell I asked my friend what had happened.

Me: This is fucking tight, what is this?

Friend: I told you it’s addicting; it’s called Everyday Shooter.

Everyday Shooter, a game that had taken a step into a completely new gaming frontier. It combined music and arcade to create on entity.

Believe it or not, this game wasn’t made by some high priced, know it all jack ass company; it’s from the creative mind of Jonathan Mak.

The most addicting part of the game isn’t moving the little white dot and dodging the insane number of objects coming at you. The addicting part is the music; it grabs you from the first chord. It’s like watching the Windows Media Player animation to a song, only you control how the animation behaves.

Sadly my addiction was short lived, for at this time the game was only available on the PS3 through the Playstation network.


But today (May 8th, 2007) was a great day. My friends over at Kotaku informed me, and the rest of the world, that Everyday Shooter has spread to the PC via the Steam network.


Not only is this game fun, and extremely addicting, it also keeps parents and the government off the asses of young toddlers kids (Read my post on Politicians and babies to make the connection.)

Don’t be fooled I have nothing against the likes of GTA4, Manhunt, etc. I just feel that this game is by far more stimulating to the human psyche. In the words of Rod Stewart, Give me the beat, boys, to soothe my soul (luckily this music defiantly blows good ol’ Rod out of the water, sorry bud.)

The last few hours I’ve found myself glued to my laptop playing this game. At this moment my laptop appears to have some kind of odd trouble running the game, could be Vista or some process lagging my CPU in the background; I’ll find it sooner or later.

For now Everyday Shooter costs $8.99 on the Steam Network, but hurry, it’ll stay at this price only for a short time, it’s supposed to go up to $9.99 (Oh noes!) To get the game simply download Steam, and purchase it via the Steam network.

In the word’s of Jonathan, Everyday Shooter is…

…an album of games exploring the expressive power of abstract shooters. Dissolute sounds of destruction are replaced with guitar riffs harmonizing over an all-guitar soundtrack, while modulating shapes celebrate the flowing beauty of geometry.


Written by Samir Banjanovic

May 9, 2008 at 8:36 am

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