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Politicians dropped as babies?

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As I was reading through Kotaku I came across the gayest dumbest news when it comes to video gaming. Don’t get me wrong the article was great, it’s the subject that boters me. News just arrived that Republican representative Lee Terry and Democratic representative Jim Matheson managed to pass a bill to enforce Video games, called Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act.

The article describes the act in simple terms, read the quote…

…would require video game retailers to display ESRB ratings and verify a customer’s age when buying an M or AO rated title. Now that all our other problems are solved, we can finally ensure that kids will never get their hands on a copy of Manhunt or Pony Friends ever again. The final solution?

And this is how they persuaded the house…

Terry argued for the bill, saying that “In some games high scores are often earned by players who commit ‘virtual’ murder, assault and rape.”

Ah, yes I remember just recently getting away with rape in a video game; that’s the best kind of video game if you ask me. Virtual rape…glad to see that our politicians are still being dropped on their heads as babies.

I’ve always strongly believed that games don’t harm children or society, it’s bad parenting that does. You have to agree, you have to be quiet a bad parent to allow your 10 year old to play Manhunt – don’t even try to make up some lame excuses – as a parent it’s your responsibility to know which games are for your child and which aren’t.

I can see it now, I’ll be at the store buying some M rated game and they’ll say “Can I see your ID, please.” Now I recently turned 21 and being carded while buying alcohol I have no problem with, but being carded while buying a game is just really annoying. I fear this is the beginning of the downfall of society. And they say educated people lead this country, look at our president and these two fools, very educated I must say. To read the full article click here.


Written by Samir Banjanovic

May 8, 2008 at 2:42 am

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