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Recently (meaning about 4 months ago) I was surfing the magical web, when I stumbled across as an awesomely hilarious site. It made me laugh so hard that my diaper had to be changed. Yes people, I wear adult diapers, why? Well because when you are killing owning some nooblings in COD4 you don’t have time to take a break and take shit, it’s gotta happen right there and then.

If you the last paragraph and thought I was being serious, then I can comfortably say that you are a complete failure. No, I don’t wear diapers; the only adults that have the right to wear an adult diaper are astronauts, just because they ride on thousands of pounds of rocket fuel. I don’t care how much of a bad ass you are, when you ride on a rocket you’ll shit your pants whenever someone says: “Houston we have a problem.”

Anyway, enough drifting off topic, back to the hilariousness of the magical site. This site may not appear hilarious to some (if you fall under the group of some then you lead a pitiful life), to truly appreciate it you’d have to play Valve’s Portal, and be familiar with Counter Strike: Source. Anyway, this site makes machinima using the steam engine and some other magical things (like fairy dust). I can safely say the production quality better than some most Hollywood movies made recently. (In the name of the king, Wtf Hollywood!?)

As mentioned earlier, I stumped across this site on accident, I don’t remember exactly how, but that doesn’t matter, all that matters is that it’s hilarious. When I watched the videos I couldn’t help myself but laugh at all the references, I guess it’s not funny if you haven’t really played Counter Strike: Source. You’d have to be familiar with the CS:S community to understand some of the jokes, on the other hand, you don’t really have to. It’s hilarious without knowing any references. Just sit on a toilet for your own safety (take my word for it.)

As of now I am waiting for episode 12 to air; 11 left me on the edge of my bed (I watch the episodes before I go sleep). Anyway, even if you haven’t got the slightest clue what I am talking about, do stop by the site and check it out. I recently saw that laughing adds 8 years to your life, so go, laugh a little and live a lot longer.

Anyway without further a due, here are some links you HAVE to click.

The Leet World Episodes: Click me!

Must Watch Short Movie: Click Thy!


Written by Samir Banjanovic

April 14, 2008 at 5:55 am

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