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What the HELL Kansas?!

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Shake it on down.

All right, so the NCAA tournament is in its final game, the Memphis Tigers (Oh yeah!) are playing the Kansas Jayhawks (…?!) Ok, this entire tournament Kansas was the one team everyone expected to drop out of the tournament. I know their record is 36-3, which by all means is outstanding, but c’mon, where has this team been the entire tournament. I won’t complain about the fact that Kansas completely messed up my bracket by beating UNC, just because this entire tournament teams have been winning that shouldn’t have been winning (way to go Davidson.) Another reason I won’t complain about Kansas beating UNC is because of Louisville. Yes, Louisville, I am a proud Louisville student, fan, and follower. If anyone watched the UNC vs UofL game they would have gone for Louisville, unless you are one of “those” UNC fans. I will say Tyler H. is an amazing player, but where was that player against Kansas. He didn’t make any impossible shots as he did against Louisville; if anything he was drugged up against Louisville.

Now it’s down to Memphis to save my bracket, and I strongly believe they will. This entire tournament both Memphis and Kansas have been talked down to. People had a hard time choosing which one of the two will be the first number one seed to drop out, sucks to be one of those people. Now the two teams everyone talked down to are polishing their guns and greasing up their gears, but which team has more fire power? I personally like Memphis and think they’ll win, but then again I’ve had a limited exposure to college basketball this season – way to go retard professors – so either team is fair game. Most people probably have Kansas winning; after watching them blow out UNC I am worried if Memphis can handle fire power.

Worrying aside, here’s my nonsense predection:

65 – 71

That’s my prediction, 65 – 71, Memphis will have a hard time winning, but they’ll escape the Jayhawks with a couple close calls.

Either way, I am glad neither UNC nor UCLA are in the championship game. Some might say it’ll be one hell of a boring game, but I beg to differ. Both teams have proven they can handle pressure, and they can turn up the heat when needed, if anything it’ll be an extremely interesting game between these two well balanced teams (we won’t talk about Memphis and free shooting.)

Please remember I am not a sports analyst or anything, I am simple an average Joe that watches college hoops when he finds the time. Plus, I am a soccer person, so whatever I say concerning any other sport is pretty much nonsense.


Written by Samir Banjanovic

April 6, 2008 at 8:37 pm

Posted in Sports

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