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The joys of life.

Well, this is bad, I just created this account and I am having a hard time getting off here. Stupid cyber space, I could be productive right now; I could be online playing Call of Duty 4 and be pwning owning some 12 year olds n00bs.

Why is this titled Photoshoping? Because it’s what I do. I haven’t done much in Photoshop in a long time, but I am hoping that changes soon. I need to upload some new images, but that’s not happening anytime soon thanks to school.

I recently began work on a website template but as you can imagine I stopped half way there. I hope I can finish it up soon, it doesn’t look half bad, here take a look for yourself.

Work in progress, don't hate.

Templates aren’t the only thing I do in Photoshop, I do all sorts of work in it; it just depends on what I feel like creating at the moment. A link to my deviantART gallery can be found under the link section. I hope some of you stop by and enjoy some of my crap art; if not, well then I am hurt, very much.


Written by Samir Banjanovic

April 6, 2008 at 7:32 am

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